The Goal Without Plan is Just a Wish

Founder Jack Ma and Alibaba


06 1 2017

A different success story from Alibaba's founder Jack Ma, Ma, who is known to not bring successful results throughout his education life, Failed twice in a row in the university exams and only managed to enter a two-year higher education program at a university with a low score in his third attempt. In Beijing, he designed websites for many government institutions hosting import-export, fair data and similar platforms.Later, in 1999, he laid the foundations of Alibaba, which takes its name from the famous "Alibaba and the Forty Thieves" fairy tale, in China, with a capital of only 100 thousand dollars, aiming to bring people to buy and sell goods, to make payments and to meet buyers without opening a real shop.The global wholesale platform Alibaba, where buyers and sellers from 190 countries can communicate across the world in 40 different categories from electronics to machines, serves millions of buyers and sellers.Founded by Ma with a capital of 100 thousand dollars, today has over 20 thousand employees and more than 10 thousand business partners in approximately 80 countries from the USA to South Korea, from India to the UK under the name of Alibaba Group. "Alibaba" Ma became a legend in China with its electronic shopping site Taobao and electronic payment system called Alipay, becoming the richest in China with a fortune of 21 billion 800 million USD, while Alibaba's annual its turnover has exceeded 300 billion dollars.

Ma announced on January 15, 2013, that he resigned from the top management of Alibaba and was replaced by young people.Jack Ma, who is still the chairman of the Alibaba Holding Board of Directors and known as the "Internet man", set an example for 100 millions of young people in China and the world chasing their dreams, and frequently said, "If I can, 80 percent of today's youth can succeed" It inspires the younger generation in China.

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